4 Generations

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My work focuses on families of four generations taken mainly in Europe. The idea for the project started with my auntie who was 105 years old at the time. I wanted to photograph her and the rest of her immediate family, to arrest that special time while she was still alive.

Identity, family life, history and migration, making links with the past and the present through family portraits have been the focus of much of my work. This is an area I have great interest and have invested a lot of my work. I decided I wanted to photograph other four generations families.

Most families live apart and far from each other. Getting the families together has been difficult but also a cause for celebration for each one of them. As the work progressed I started looking at the varying family structures and the cross cultural mix of the generations. Single mothers, widowed grandmothers, the odd grandfather, large units of several members of one family together, or just the core family unit, are portrayed across several generations of mainly women, the longest surviving members in a family.

Through my photographs I attempt to capture the complexity of family life. The ‘ideal’ family and what lies behind it.  Are the photographs showing any ‘true’ moments of family life or are they just glimpses of other narratives that lie behind each family? Each photograph illustrates a different story, offered to us by their smiles that conceal and reveal, the awkwardness of pose for some and not for others. They prompt us to think of our own family journey and take us on our own personal voyages.

This is an ongoing project and I am currently in the process of photographing other minority groups.