4 Generations, Italian family

This is the family of Carla from Milan. Carla who we see in the middle of the picture with her great grandchild Lea on her lap, was born in Milan in 1922. Carla, a housewife, lived in Milan all her life. Her husband Emilio passed away in 1978 and Carla never remarried. Here we see her in the living room of her apartment in central Milan. She is surrounded by her daughter and son, her grandchildren, their spouses, an ex spouse and her great grandchildren.

Most of the family comes from Milan with the exception of Sibil, the wife of her grandson Tomaso, who comes from Basel in Switzerland and Mersiha, the wife of her youngest grandson Martino, who is Bosnian Hergegovinian. They all live in Milan except Mersiha & Martino who live and work in Sarajevo. At the time this picture was taken they were both staying in Milan while they were expecting the birth of their first child. Amina their little girl, was born a week after this picture was taken.

picture of family