The main focus of my work draws on people. It focuses on family history, collective memory and oral histories. It comprises of large bodies of work, usually including interviews and oral history accounts regarding people’s lives and their place of living.

Much of my work is about my own identity, country of origin, heritage, my sense of place and belonging but also concerns the lives of others and their origins.

I started out as a press photographer working for the largest press office in Athens. At the time I was the first woman to work as a press photographer, in a totally male dominated environment. I worked for several government ministries, the main newspapers of Greece and large organisations and institutions. Taking photographs of the likes of Margaret Thatcher and Francois Mitterrand were just a few of the challenges I had to overcome at the age of 18 working alongside dozens of male photographers. I became a very much wanted photographer, however I wanted to study photography which I couldn’t do at the time in Greece because advanced photography studies didn’t exist back then.

Since I arrived in the UK, I studied for a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Arts in Photography from the University of Westminster and a Postgraduate Diploma in Photography/Media Studies from Goldsmiths College in London. I have also been working as a photographer and an arts practitioner as well as a curator for a number of small photography exhibitions. At the same time I’ve been teaching young vulnerable adults in hospitals and other institutions as well as schools and colleges.

I have had a number of solo and group exhibitions in the UK and across Europe and my work is in private collections in France, Germany, Greece, New York and Switzerland.