Four generations Greek family

This is the family of Hercules and Kalliope. Sadly since this photograph was taken, Hercules passed away at the age of 80 in August 2015. Both Hercules & Kalliope were born in Istanbul, still referred by the Greeks as Constantinople. Their daughter, Vaso, 57 year old, was also born there. (more…)

4 generations family west crete

This is one of my Greek families from my 4 generations series. This is the family of Manolis who was born in Kato Vouves, a small village outside of Chanea, Crete, in Greece in 1920.  We see him here at home with his daughter Alexandra, his grand daughter Argiri and his great


This is my mother at home 3 days before she died on 30.3.2016. Mum was born on 7 April 1927 and was going to be 89 years old a week after she died. For many years I have been travelling between London & Athens spending time with her, looking after her, taking her out, going with her to their home in Salamina. Despite the difficulties, it’s been an intense (more…)

4 Generations, Italian family

This is the family of Carla from Milan. Carla who we see in the middle of the picture with her great grandchild Lea on her lap, was born in Milan in 1922. Carla, a housewife, lived in Milan all her life. Her husband Emilio passed away in 1978 and Carla never remarried. Here we see her in the living room of her apartment in central Milan. She is surrounded by her (more…)

4 Generations, Irish Family

This is one of a series of family photographs in rural Ireland. In order for the photographs to be taken most of the family had to travel a long way. Ethel, the great grandmother, was born in 1926. Her 90th birthday is on February 8th. Her husband William, died just over a year ago, almost 95 years old. Ethel has been bed bound for more than 6 years.