4 generations family west crete

This is one of my Greek families from my 4 generations series. This is the family of Manolis who was born in Kato Vouves, a small village outside of Chanea, Crete, in Greece in 1920.  We see him here at home with his daughter Alexandra, his grand daughter Argiri and his great

grandson Orestes.


Manolis has done many jobs in his life including a shoe repair shop in Pireaus, his main profession until retirement. His passion though has been writing poetry. He has published a book with all his poetry, a large part of it based on the traditional Cretan folk songs “Mantinades“. He is a well known authority in his village and around Chanea and is much admired for the clarity of his mind and the way he can create a poem in an instant depending on what is happening around him. Right now together with the help of his daughter is compiling his second poetry book.